Some sounds stir emotions of love, peace, joy and happiness. While others stir emotions of sadness and loneliness. In fact, in all areas of human endeavor, sound plays a major part in the accomplishment of a desired end.

And so, it is reasonably logical to assume, that if the desired end is to create the same feelings in millions throughout the world through sound, then the sound itself must be unique, easily recognizable and consistent in delivery.

Such a unique sound is Laura Lee. For with uncanny range, ease and smoothness, she has, for years captured the emotions and feelings of millions. During some of the ballads she sings, one hears sounds which are so soulful, so mournful that religious feelings tend to surface. One wonders how she can project such feelings as she sings about better times, better places. She sings Gospel.

It's not so amazing, as Laura was singing background in a gospel group called The Meditation Singers. The group of that time consisted of Della Reese as the lead singer. As the group toured many countries, including Europe, Laura's unique sound began to emerge from background singer to lead as Ms. Reese embarked on an individual career.

The Meditation Singers
It was during this time that the Meditation Singers bridged the gap from performing at solely religious events and concerts, to performing for the general public. They were the first gospel groups ever to perform in the supper clubs of Las Vegas, Nevada and The Copa Cabana in New York.

Eventually, Laura, with her unique sound, left the Meditation Singers and embraced a broader range of music to interpret and perform for her ever increasing base of fans. From Gospel to Rhythm and Blues, from Classics to Disco, Laura does it all. For as long as she has performed, she has been acknowledged as the fashion plate to emulate by those in the entertainment business as well as the general public.

In the late sixties, Ms. Lee exploded on to the Rhythm and Blues scene with "Dirty Man". This tune had lyrics so revealing it caused women all over the world to flock to the record shops and to her live performances. Indeed, men, who admitted the lyrics rang true, bought her recordings in droves and came to see her on stage.

Well on into the early seventies, she led the way to liberated thoughts for women with her "Women's Love Rights". It also was a very potent tune which caused women and men alike to rethink their inter-personal relationships.

Laura's repertoire is vast, and her artistic talents many, as she was an actress in the movie 'Detroit 9000' and rendered an enviable performance.

Proud of her as a representative of Detroit, the City of Detroit, through its mayor, designated a "Laura Lee Day" to honor its star.

She traveled many years on the R&B concert circuit with Al Green and during those times, fans, through media correspondence would pose the question, Why not record together, two artists, whose unique sounds blend so well? It never happened in their R&B era, But it did in the Gospel field, and with much anticipated public results. The album, "Higher Plane", recorded by Al Green with Laura Lee, was a success. It was a success because it was unique: the sound of their voices blending together produced a uniqueness which stir emotions of love, peace, joy and happiness.

Laura's repertoire is vast, and her artistry shines through. Her talents are many and they are polished. Her records, both singles and albums, have sold in their millions. She is a dancer. She is an actress. She is elegant and sensuous. She is sassy and spirited.

She is a lady.